About me

Photo Rory Sheridan

"I feel nurtured by my Ancestors. I am blessed with nurturing vibrations wherever I go! I am gentle. All change brings more love and better life situations."


"My heart is open and I allow love. I am nurtured. I am Nurturing."

Welcome, everyone. I am Alessandro, founder of Nuragic Shamanic Healing.


I have been a Tarot and Oracle reader and Teacher for many years. I have always studied the workings and mysteries of the cards, seeking to deepen my practice. I work with Energy Healing, organizing Spiritual Events in Sardinia and Ireland.


I am rooted to my Sardinian ancestry, connected to the ancient Nuragic culture of the land. I wish to bring their hidden wisdom to light,  through my events, workshops my services.


My journey through life lead me to develop my empathy, a true gift. This devotion within the energy field made me realise that this is my true calling in life and I become committed to helping others. I believes that every meetings  in our path become a portals, an exchange of energies. 



Professional Tarot Reader and Traditional Tarot Teacher


Kundalini Reiki Master


Crystals Reiki Healing


Initiated at the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki


As a Man I received "The Rite of the Womb" and I become Womb Keeper Registered.


Shamanic Journeying Ritual and Ceremony Master


Shamanic Animal Totem & Energy healing Activations


Crystal Skuls Energy Activations


I been a assistant in a Shamanic Medicine Ceremony and conducted Full moon Circle Ceremonies and Men's Circle.


I organize Retreats in Sardinia.

"Allow me to help you Connect with Spirit through the energy healing of the nature and Unconditional love"