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In the Name of the Water - Esterzili


In the Name of the Water - Esterzili


The Nuragic Shamanic Healing by Alessandro Olianas presents the event "IN THE SIGN OF WATER" which will take place in Esterzili on Sunday 27 June 2021.

The goal of this event is to give an experience where Tradition, Spirituality and Wellness meet.

This experience event in Esterzili stems from the desire to experience the country and experience the Sardinian land in one of the richest archaeological areas of the island, including the Megaron Temple of Domu Urxia, the largest among those existing in the whole Mediterranean and Il Temple Sanctuary of the Waters.

The limited number of participants. 


The appointment will be at the entrance to the town of Esterzili at 10.30 in via Roma 18 in front of the main Murals.

Me, Alessandro of Nuragic Shamanic Healing, will welcome you and I will show you the beautiful reproductions of the bronzes found in the Domu Urxia archaeological area.

During the day we will be able to admire what the small fairytale town of Esterzili holds in its heart, such as the Aragonese Gothic church of San Michele Arcangelo.

Precious fabrics, colored and enriched with embroidery, will be exhibited at the museum house some traditional Esterzilesi dresses of the Folk Group. . (Following the Covid Rules, people will enter a few at a time).

Waiting for us on the top of the mountain, the energy of the Nuragic Priestess, the cult of the Waters at the service of the Mother Goddess. (Visit to the Nuragic Temple of Waters with Meditation and ritual on the Sacredness of Water).

We will move to a green area and experience the movement of the body in the Sacred Dances of the KERKOS association of Sassari. (By following the COVID rules they will let us get in touch with our energies and our body in a dance with Nature itself in honor of the Mother Goddess giving us a leap in time.)

Meditative walk towards the Domu and Urxia area and sound bath.

A small buffet will welcome us outdoors in the mountain pampering us curated by Silvia Baire of the Agriturismo di Sa Tanca Manna di Esterzili. (posste and disposable material will be used according to covid rules). 

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