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I work with the magical element of culture that unites the past and the present throught differtent paractices and various tools. Tarology has been my work for over ten years, running specialised courses in Tarot Archetypes. I have always studied the inner working and mysteries of the Arcana, deepening my knowledge through daily practice.


After living in Ireland for a few years, I began to explore shamanic teachings and practices which I have now connected to my ancient roots—more specifically to the ancient Nuragic culture. In my life’s work, I wish to bring light to the hidden wisdom of the ancestors. The devotion that drives me forward in my spiritual work has made me understand that this is my purpose.

In 2021, I created my first Orcle Deck : NURAGIC MOON ORACLE, inspired by the Sardinian Goddesses of the Nuragic civilisation and the earlier cultures.

These are my Traininig Experiences:

  • Professional Tarot Reader and Teacher.
  • I received "The Rite of the Womb" and I became a Registered Womb Keeper. 
  • Kundalini Reiki Master.
  • Conductor of Full Moon Ceremonies and Men's Circles.
  • Initiated in the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki.
  • Assistant in Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies.
  • Shamanic Journeying Ritual and Ceremony Master.
  • I organize retreats in Sardinia.
  • Shamanic Animal Totem & Energy Healing Activations.
  • Crystal Skull Energy Activations.
  • Crystal Reiki Healing.
My Experience