The PATH OF THE BULL : Men's Circle it is something so important at this stage of my spiritual journey as I am focus about to bring back the power of the Brotherhood connect with the Sun. 

I belive that men's are awakening now to step into a new era of spirituality connected with the mother as a sons , as brothers, as partners.

During my spiritual journey I met lots of amazing men and I love involve them for the men's circle events.

Two important figure of this project are my two brothers that support this project with me : Stefano Sgarbi and Ivano Nayeli.

Men have been sitting in circles in all cultures from ancient times. Each of us has ancestors who sat in circles together, perhaps in a hut or around a fire, drumming, singing, dancing, telling stories, telling jokes, proposing ideas, teaching, and sharing their lives with each other.

Join the Men's Circle , will step into the Brotherhood. We start by acknowledging each brother in the circle. We set our intentions for the circle. And then we share and listen. Sometimes we simply share whatever is on fire in our hearts at the time.


What do we learn together?

Learn Compassionate Listening - Learn to Trust other Yourself and other Men - Learn to Trust Yourself

Be vulnerable in a safe environment - Share your deepest passions, without being judged - Share your deepest fears, without being judged

Develop Self Confidence - Develop Commitment, Accountability, and Integrity - Know Your Mission and Purpose in Life - 


Learn about many topics associated with Masculinity - Be heard by other men - Reach out to other men - Learn to trust other Men 

Meet The Team Work 


I am producer, sound designer ( SUN ANGA) and workshop leader and it is in constant progress through personal and educational work in festivals and communities all around the world.


I live in close contact with nature and I work in the field of tangible and invisible research, through radioesthesia. I study the history, archeology of Sardinia and Geobiology, and I deal with communication and mediation, the spiritual aspects of the human being.



If you are interested as Man in receiving the Rite of the Womb and would like more information, do get in touch with me.

It would be my pleasure to help you on your journey!