by Nuragic Shamanic Healing 

3D Artwork by Paola Pinna Studio

An Oracle deck of ancient wisdom shered in the modern era.

Illustrated by hand and realised in 3D, to carry essence into the material.

Inspired by the mystical symbology of the ancient Nuragic Civilization of Sardinia.

26 -Card Deck and Guidebook

An Oracle Deck, connected with the new moons and full moons of the year, the energy of Sardinian Goddesses and the Element of Water.

The Deck are printed  in English only but you will find the code for Download the Italian Translation of the Booklet.

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ISBN: 978-1-5272-8912-3

“The Great Mother Goddess is calling on you to open yourself and reconnect with your true nature, its Lunar cycles, and your roots - whatever they may be. Respond to the calling and receive your guidance.” 


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"Dedicated to my roots, to the Goddess, to Sardinia and to the Ancestors.

Dedicated to my blood family and my soul family.

Dedicated to the recovery of lost history.


For my Mother, Ignazia, and my Sister, Cristiana.

For my Grandmothers, Rosina and Amelia; for my Great-Grandmothers and my female lineage.

For the magical village of my origins, Esterzili, that cradled me during the creation of this Oracle."

Thank You..

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(6th millennium BC)


Sardinia is a magical island: it is the custodian of the ancestral secrets belonging to the ancient culture of its inhabitants, in particular, the Nuragic and Pre-Nuragic civilisations.

The Prenuragic culture refers to the populations that inhabited the island until the birth of the Nuragic civilisation. The Nuragic civilisation developed in Sardinia from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age until the Romans conquered the island.

The name nuragic comes from the most widespread ancient structure in Sardinia: the Nuraghe, a conical tower/fortress constructed from giant stone blocks.


This Oracle Deck has been influenced by various evocative symbols that characterise these two essential periods of Sardinian history.


I was inspired by the sacredness of Pre-Nuragic culture's holy burial sites (known as Domus de Janas or Fairy Houses), Mother Goddess worship and Megaliths: wonderous standing stones. I also drew on the later Nuragic culture's sacred wells, water worship, the revered Priestess and the Moon.

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18th century BCE (Bronze Age)


ISBN: 978-1-5272-8912-3
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