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Nuragic Moon Oracle

An Oracle deck of ancient wisdom shered in the modern era. Illustrated by hand and realised in 3D, to carry essence into the material. Inspired by the mystical symbology of the ancient Pre-nuragic and Nuragic Civilization of Sardinia. The deck encompasses images of Goddesses and Priestesses that carry you through universal concepts and energies.

26 cards, connected with the new moons and full moons of the year, the energy of Sardinian Goddesses and the Element of Water. In Nuragic Culture, the Goddess is connected with the Full Moon, the New Moon, and the Element of Water. Each of the cards captures the symbology sacred to the Nuragic Civilization, such as Bull Horns, associated with the Womb, Sacred Water Temples and Wells, Standing Stones, and Ancient Tombs.

Nuragic Moon Oracle Deck in a box with 26 Cards Size: 88×126 mm (3.5′′×5′′) with R4 corner.

Booklet Size: 88×126 mm (3.5′′×5′′), 46 pages in English and a booklet downloadable in Italian.

FSC Certified.

ISBN: 978-1-5272-8912-3

Designed in Sardina - Printed in China

Will be shipped from our warehouse in China to you.

Obsidian Crystal Goddess Amulet
Artisan Pre-order

This is the Goddess exclusively hand carved in Crystal energies for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.

This Crystal Amulet is called : The Mother of Earths.

The obsidian Goddess. This brings the healing and protection of the Goddess energies. clears and transmutes negativity. Powerful for Shamanic journeys, meditation and clearing the shadows and past trauma. The Nuragic warriors used obsidian carved into arrows.

This is the crystal of our ancestors.


Clear Quartz Goddess Amulet
Artisan Pre-order

This is the Goddess exclusively hand carved in Crystal energies for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.

This Crystal Amulet is called : The Mother of Waters.

The clear quartz Goddess is a master healer, It clears the energy of the wearer. Bringing clarity, help you to tune with the energies of the Goddess and the sacred waters.


Dark Green Aventurine Goddess Amulet
Artisan Low Stock

This is the Goddess exclusively hand carved in Crystal energies for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.

This Crystal Amulet is called : The Mother of Prospertity.

The Dark Green Aventurine Goddess is known as the "Stone of Opportunity," thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth with the Goddess blessings. 


Light Green Avventurine Goddess Amulet
Artisan Low Stock

This is the Goddess exclusively hand carved in Crystal energies for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.

This Crystal Amulet is called : The Mother of Hearts.

This crystal balances the emotional body guiding you towards inner harmony. prosperity and confidence as it opens the heart to heal. It is one  of the crystals for prosperity in all areas of your life path, giving you strength and courage to achieve your goals with the love of the Goddess.

Pintadera Selenite
Artisan Low Stock

Selenite symbol of the Pintadera that we use for the Nuragic Medicine Wheel.

Selenite is a highly spiritual crystal known as the goddess stone. 

On a more grounded level, Selenite can also be an amazing stone for shifting through energy blocks, bringing peace and purity to one’s head and heart, and protects and connects to the world around you. 

It is sought out for its high-vibrational properties. The high-vibrations found in these gemstones are capable of flooding your personal energy field with an abundance of light, clarity, and calm. In doing so, you are transported to a higher state of consciousness. It can bring you on a journey through lifetimes and discovery.



Nuragic Oracle Pouch

Protect your precious Nuragic Moon Oracle with our exclusive Sardinian fabric case, crafted with passion and inspiration from the rich Sardinian textile tradition.

  1. Authentic Sardinian Fabric: Handcrafted for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.
  2. Magical Protection: The case is not just a protective shell but also a magical shield that preserves the energy and power of your Nuragic Moon Oracle.
  3. Elegant Design: The Sardinian fabric, with its unique patterns and vibrant colors, adds a touch of elegance to your sacred space and your card reading ritual.

Gift yourself or a divination enthusiast friend this unique case, carefully created to preserve the beauty and magic of the Nuragic Moon Oracle.

Explore the mystery, safeguard your connection, and immerse yourself in the charm of Sardinia with our Sardinian fabric case for the Nuragic Moon Oracle. Order now and embrace the power of the ancient!

Goddess for Altar
Unique Artisan

This Goddess for altar exclusively hand made in clay for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.
Replica of The Sardinia Mother Goddess (3200-2800 BC). 
Found in Senorbi, a Turriga locality on the Island of Sardinia, Italy. 

The original Turriga goddess can be seen at the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliary, Italy.

Size: Height 30cm and large 14,5cm

Once the purchase has been made, it will take 7 business days to complete the creation. Each Satua is entirely handmade.

Sacred Bull  Amulet
Artisan Pre-order

This amulet  called " The Goddes Guardian'' is handcraft made for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.
This amulet Help You Tap into Your Divine Masculin with the power of the Sun.

Is the symbol of the Brotherhood, men circle of Sardinia.

Juniper Goddess Amulet

This is the Goddess exclusively hand carved in Juniper Wood  for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.

The spirit of juniper reminds us of the importance of creating boundaries and standing our ground. Junipers tend to “claim” the land they stand on. Their dense structure and tenacity makes them natural wind barriers during dust and snowstorms.



Nuragic Smudge - Spirit of the Mint

Sardinia wild mint smudge stick is a natural incense widely used in cleansing and protective rituals and ceremonies. Associated with attracting good luck and protecting the home.

User instructions:

Light one end of the mint bundle on fire and extinguish it so that the sprigs burn without flame and burn slowly like incense. Ideally, let it burn out on its own over a heat-resistant container, such as  shell. It can be used several times. Its duration depends on the amount you wish to present in your burn. To smoke a room, doors and windows are usually closed and the smoke is spread from the corners towards the centre; after a while with the room closed, it is recommended to ventilate.

The Duble Spiral Ring

This Ring  helping us to connect with our ancient ancestors energy and connect with the Island.

Appearing on rock art in Sardinia ancient tumbs called  "Domus de Janas" ( House of Fairy) as far back as the Neolithic period, spirals appear to have held important, though now forgotten, meaning with some of the earliest human civilisations.The double spiral is thought to signify death and reberth in Pre-nuragic Civilization of Sardina.

Hand Made.

Material : Copper

Size: Adjustable