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"All life comes from the womb of the Earth and all men come from a woman’s womb. It is just as important that men become womb keepers, as it is important for women".

The Rite of the Womb comes from the women of the Amazon who have transcended Suffering and Fear. It’s about overcoming Fear, Pain and healing the womb and in turn healing the Planet. It came through Marcela Lobos, wife of Alberto Villoldo. (more about

When a man receives this Rite, it will heal his feminine side; heal the relationship with his own mother and with Pachamama. When a man has a female partner it will heal her womb as well. Whe a man recive the Rite it will heal his female liniage.

The way men are womb keepers is by letting women know that they support their healing journey by becoming stewards of the Earth.

After reciving the rite as a man, i felt to give this rite to others men so they can recive the energy of the mother Earth through my psychic womb that I healed with the rite and the support from the women of my blood liniage. Because the Rite of the Womb is not about gender but about honoring and healing the feminine “Cosmic Womb” of all of us.

I am official registered qualified Sacred Womb Keeper you can find me with my name Olianas Alessandro click here 

When I Recived The Rite

I recived  The Rite of the Womb in Sardinia from a Irish Shamanic Medicine Healer Mary Sky who work with plant medicine in Peru'( here her site ).  

I asked Mary to come over from Ireland to Sardinia to give the Rites of the Munay ki and so The Rite of the womb.

We were at Santa Cristina  Water Well. I was the only man in the circle.

When I ask to receive this Rite I felt really powerful Healing. I did for my land, for my mother , my siter, my friends and for Mother Earth as I am son of her.

As a man I felt so important to pass on The Rite of the Womb to Mens, because we spend 9 months into our mother's womb.

This Rite is include in my new project by called :The Bull's Path - Men's Circle.

Here some pictures of me reciving the Rite.

"I am a Son, I am brother, I am the child of Mother  Earth"


Instructions for Transmitting the Rite of the Womb:

  • Ask the person if they wish to receive the rite of the womb.

  • Open your viracocha over the person you are transmitting the rite to.

  • Both arms up in the air silently call in the energy of the divine feminine, mother earth, and the female lineage of women that have transcended suffering… Let this energy build in your hands for the purpose of healing the womb. ( I personally use a rope to symbolize the umbilical cord of mother earth)

  • Place your hands over your own womb and transmitting all of this divine feminine energy into your womb.

  • Then place your hands over their womb (or just below the belly button in the case of transmitting to a man) and transfer this healing energy to the person receiving the rite.

  • Say to them “The womb is a place without fear or pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life.”

  • Now have them repeat this to affirm the rite. Help them if they can’t remember.

Say to them “The womb is a place without fear or pain,

  • Close your viracocha and pull back in any of your own energy that may have gone to them during the process.

  • Have a bowl of red flower petals and a bowl of water ready on an alter you prepared.

  • For a man 1st petal for his mother’s womb, 2nd for his female lineage and 3rd for healing of PachaMama.

Join me , will step into the Brotherhood.

A New Era of Masculinity: Rise of the Divine Masculine

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If you are interested as Man in receiving the Rite of the Womb and would like more information, do get in touch with me.

It would be my pleasure to help you on your journey!

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