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Our Offerings

Ancient Sardinian Wisdom Horn ( Small Size)
Unique Artisan

Elevate your spirit with the powerful symbolism of the handcrafted Nuragic Horn, a profound connection to the Bovine Goddess and the archetype of the North in the Nuragic Medicine Wheel!

Discover the artisan mastery behind every detail of this unique horn, woven with the wisdom and strength of the ancient Sardinians. Every curve, every engraving is a tribute to the legacy of the Bovine Goddess and the power of ancestors, carrying the potent energy of the North in the Medicine Wheel.

  1. Handcrafted: Each horn is a testament to the artisanal skill passed down through generations, creating a unique piece laden with meaning.
  2. Potent Symbolism: The connection to the Bovine Goddess and the archetype of the North in the Nuragic Medicine Wheel imparts a deep spiritual connection and a powerful call to ancestors.

  3. Intricate Design: Detailed engravings and decorative motifs reflect the richness of Nuragic culture, adding a touch of sophistication to your personal style.

  4. Ancestral Energy: Every touch and every carving carries the energy of Sardinian ancestors, bringing you closer to the powerful cultural heritage of Sardinia.

Experience the symbolic strength of the Nuragic Horn in your everyday life or gift it as a unique token to someone you love.

Embrace the spirituality and power of the North in the Nuragic Medicine Wheel with our handcrafted Horn. Order now and immerse yourself in the magical world of the Bovine Goddess and ancient Sardinians!

Size hight: 17cm

Goddess Smudge Feather Fan
Unique Artisan

Goddess Smudge Feather Fan 

( Inspired by Sardinia Neolithic Goddess)

In some spiritual traditions feather fans are used in smudging ceremonies to waft smoke from smoldering sacred herbs around a space or person to clear negative energy or to fan smoke skyward during prayer.

Wing - Sardinian traditional Fabric - Sardinia Goddess Caly

Sacred Bull  Amulet
Artisan Low Stock

This amulet  called " The Goddes Guardian'' is handcraft made for Nuragic Shamanic Healing.
This amulet Help You Tap into Your Divine Masculin with the power of the Sun.

Is the symbol of the Brotherhood, men circle of Sardinia.

Waxing Gibbous Pintadera Amulet
Unique Artisan

Historically, the waxing gibbous moon symbolised the concept of “final steps”. It is a time of the month in which people strive to complete their projects, just as the moon “strives” to become full.

Sa Pintadera is a circular clay disk with geometric motifs engraved on one facade, converging towards the centre, almost a primitive Mandala, as the Pintadera actually recalls the magnetic Mandala designs of Buddhist and Hindu culture representing the universe, meaning "of round shape” or “disk” referring to the Sun and the Moon. The past of Sardinia is hidden in Sa Pintadera.