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Nuragic Medicine Wheel


Nuragic Medicine Wheel


Inspired by the medicine wheels of other cultures, I created the Nuragic Medicine Wheel © with symbolic connections to animal archetypes of Ancient Sardinia: The Barn Owl, The Sardinian Deer, The Wild Boar, The Bull.

The creation of the sacred space using the Pintadera as the Nuragic Medicine Wheel, the calling of the Island Spirits, four directions, ancestors are the tools of power.

We will get to know the symbolism of four important animals of the Sardinian tradition, through artifacts that we can still admire today in Archaeological Museums.


The Pintadera will become our Medicine Wheel, through it we will know ourselves, our actions, emotions and thoughts that we express in our daily life and the spiritual realm.

What is it the Pintadera?

Sa Pintadera is a circular clay disk with geometric motifs engraved on one facade, converging towards the centre, almost a primitive Mandala, as the Pintadera actually recalls the magnetic Mandala designs of Buddhist and Hindu culture representing the universe, meaning "of round shape” or “disk” referring to the Sun and the Moon. The past of Sardinia is hidden in Sa Pintadera, and there are many hypotheses on the use of these decorative moulds or special stamps that was part of the ancestral ceremonies for the Nuragic people. Leonaro Melis, however, go for a more glorious past in his book Shardana , I Calcolatori del Tempo, reading instead in those mysterious finds a lunar or solar time-marking calendars use. And in fact, some call the Pintadera “s'Arroda de tempu”, The Wheel of time, whose information contains the secret of the day and night rotation. We know that among the ancient societies it was very important determining the dates during the year.

At the end of the course each of the participants will be able to personalized  the Nuragic Medicine Wheel according using their own intuition. Each participant will have the opportunity to work with 4 animal archetypes of the Nuragic Medicine Wheel. You will learn the symbolic correspondences cardinals point between  the elements of nature, the seasons, the spirits of nature, colors and much more.

Workshop will consist of 5 Hours of appointments in presence or Online on the Zoom.

At the end the participant will have acquired the following knowledge:

  • How can use the Pintadera as a Medicne Wheel
  • Rituals of opening and closing an individual or group session.
  • The calling of local spirits and their allies.
  • Building the Nuragic Medicine Wheel: spirits and powers of the 4 directions.
  • Connection and work with the four Animals,
  • Certificate of Participation.
  • PDF will be sent to the participants at the end of each lesson.

This corse it follow by the Sacred Ceremony of iniziatiation of the Nuragic Rites© that will be held by me every year year on last Sunay of May in the Ancient Nuragic Site in the center of Sardina . if you would like to attend book your place now. 

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