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Who I am


Who I am


​My story begins back in 1984, on the enchanting Island of the Mediterranean Mother Goddess, Sardinia. My roots delve into the quaint village of Esterzili, nestled in the heart of the island, a land steeped in history since prehistoric times. Here, amidst the ancient ruins dotting the landscape, I forged a deep connection with the earth and its age-old energies.

From my youth, I felt an irresistible attraction to sacred places and mystical energies permeating the island. This connection resonates deeply with the spirits of my ancestors, passed down with love and wisdom from my family. It's thanks to them that I learned to cherish the magical bond with the land and its ancient traditions.

As a child, I embraced magic, dreams, and love for life as fundamental pillars of my existence. Through life's challenges and experiences, I cultivated a profound awareness: that everything that happens is an integral part of true magic.

Today, I share these experiences and insights through the services I offer, guiding others along the path of personal discovery and connection with the world around us.

Over the years, my travel experience, my work continues to flourish, meeting teachers, seekers from all over the world who are drawn to the transformative power of Sardinia's ancient shamanic traditions.


Combining my innate intuition with years of dedicated study and research, I have chosen to become a guardian of ancient knowledge passed down through generations. My work revolves around the understanding that the earth itself holds the keys to healing and transformation, and by tapping into its energies, individuals can reconnect with their inner selves and experience profound growth.

As a teenager, I began questioning the subtle world; curiosity for all that was mysterious was ingrained in my Scorpionic nature. Growing up, I became enthralled by the magical and cultural aspects of different civilizations that came before us. However, what truly captivated me was a significant period of my life. I became engrossed in the quest for similar symbols between Sardinia and Ireland. That search captured my essence, consuming me entirely.

That period was truly significant; a couple of years later, I found myself living on the magical Druid Island of Ireland. It was a time of personal and spiritual growth for me. To this day, I feel like a soul on a journey, seeking evolution through sharing with others.

My conncetion with Sardinia & Ireland