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Who I am


Who I am


My energy arrived into this world in Sardinia, 1984, the island of the Mediterranean Mother Goddess.
My roots are connected with the small village in the centre of sardina called : Esterzili. Where all my ancestors lived.

The territory of Esterzili was inhabited as early as prehistoric times. 77 archaeological sites have been counted: Domus de Janas, Nuraghi, temples, Tombs of Giants and bronze statues. The most important ones are the Sacred Santuary of the Water in Monte Nuxi and the Nuragic temple of Domu de Orgia, perched at an altitude of one thousand metres. 

With a lifelong connection to Sardinia, my  spiritual journey began in the rugged landscapes and ancient ruins that dot the island. From a young age, I felt an inexplicable pull towards the mystical energies emanating from the sacred sites, feeling a deep resonance with the spirits of my ancestors and the wisdom they left behind. This thanks of my grandpartes and my family that kept this magical connection with the land and old traditions still.


Since I was a child I have believed in magic, in dreams, and in the love of life. I have chosen to nourish these gifts and to make them the pillars of my being. Life has brought me varied, sometimes challenging, experiences but I have always had a strong awareness that everything that happens to us in life is truly Magic.
This what now i share today trought my services.


Combining my innate intuition with years of dedicated study and research, Idecide to become a guardian of the ancient knowledge passed down through generations. My work revolves around the understanding that the land itself holds the keys to healing and transformation, and by tapping into its energies, individuals can reconnect with their inner selves and experience profound growth.

I started asking myself questions about the invisible world since I was a teenager. The curiosity for all things mysterious was part of my Scorpio nature. The more I grew up, the more I became passionate about the magical and cultural aspects of the civilizations that preceded us. It was an important period of my life. I was lost in researching similar symbols between Sardinia and Ireland. That research captured my essence, it absorbed me completely.

After a couple of years I found myself living in the magical Druidic Island of Ireland. For me it was a period of personal and spiritual growth. I feel like a soul on a journey, towards my own evolution, with the intent of sharing with others.

Feeling the energy of the Ancestors trought my DNA.

Beacause I strongly believe in the memory and the energy of the DNA tha we carry on , I decided to do a DNA test  with a company  called  23and. Here what I discovered from my DNA:

93.2% of my ancestry is Sardinian, 2.7% British & Irish ancestry, 1.6%  of my ancestry is Greek & Balkan 1.4% of your ancestry is French & German.

With each passing year, my travel experience, my work continues to flourish, meeting, teachers, seekers from around the globe who are drawn to the transformative power of Sardinia's ancient shamanic traditions.

Muy conncetion with Sardinia & Ireland